We’re often on the look out for specific stories which might relate to something currently in the news or might tie in with a particular time of year. Newspapers and magazines will often contact us looking for particular stories.

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Have you got a story to tell or sell to a  magazine or a newspaper?

Maybe you’ve overcome a difficult time in life, perhaps you’ve lost weight or done something unusual, want to raise awareness of a health condition or have a heart-warming, funny, shocking or romantic story to tell. If you want to tell or sell your story then get in touch. Just fill out the story form and we’ll get back to you to let you know if you’ve a story that could be published.

Even if you don’t think you’ve got a strong story – we might be able to get you in a magazine or newspaper as a case study.

We can discuss which magazines or newspapers you’d like us to contact to get you the best deal and the highest fee. We’ll market your story to help get you the most cash and the best coverage. But not all publications will pay you for a story – so check with us. And even if it’s just good coverage you want – we can still help.

The service is FREE to you – we get paid by the newspaper or magazine to write your story.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll treat your story sensitively and read it back to you to make sure you’re happy with it before we forward to the publication.

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At Maria Croce Media we’ll let you know if you’ve got a story that could get you in newspapers and magazines and make you cash. Fill out the story form or contact us at info@mariacrocemedia.com

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My vampire facelift was bloody great

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Dear Calum, it’s three weeks since you died…

Bella magazine on sale 27 March, 2012

Bella magazine, cover date 3 April 2012

Bella magazine, cover date 3 April 2012

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